MTECHTIPS;- Natural Gas Price Forecast March 28, 2018, Technical Analysis

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MTECHTIPS;- Natural Gas Price Forecast March 28, 2018, Technical Analysis

MTECHTIPS- Natural gas markets went back and forth during the trading session on Tuesday, as the markets are starting to settle down again. I believe that eventually will get an opportunity to sell natural gas, but I would prefer to do so at a higher level, such as the $2.80 level, which has been so restive recently. I believe that if the market broke above there, the next major resistance barrier is the $3.00 level. I think that it’s only a matter of time before the sellers return, because quite frankly there is far too much natural gas out there and inventory numbers have been reasonably bearish as well. With the warming temperatures in the United States, one can only assume that demand is going to drop from here. I think that the market will more than likely trying to test the $2.60 level again, but I would prefer to sell from higher levels as it gives me an opportunity for a better trade. I look at the $2.60 level as the beginning of the support range that extends down to the $2.50 level. If we break down below there, it’s essentially the bottom falling out of the market. In the meantime

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